We will be constantly educating ourselves, establishing processes that enable us to be ethical through all verticals, and we will continue to re-evaluate our efforts over time. We respect people, animals and the environment and aim to be a leader in developing what it means to be a sustainable luxury brand in our current times.

Reducing Excess, Limiting Waste

As a young company, we don’t expect to invest in buying more than what we need, but some waste is inevitable. We will keep our sourcing strategy tight, limiting what we make to align as closely as possible to what we expect to sell. We are committed to using all of the materials that we have paid to make. We will do this by creating custom pieces out of excess and selling off any materials we decide not to use to a company committed to reselling to other emerging designers. Conversely, we will do some one of a kind pieces with unused materials from other designers to ensure continually production of unique designs without sourcing more than we need.

Partnering with CONSCIOUS ITALIAN Mills

With respect to our Italian family heritage, we intend to source our core materials from Italian Mills. We will be working to find mills who are committed to sustainable practices. The Mucciolo brand will build these relationships, ensuring employees are well treated, raw materials are sourced ethically and new technology is investigated on a constant basis.


Regardless of where we are in implementing our sustainability practices, we will be forthcoming. If we haven’t quite gotten there with a garment, you will know. We are invested in learning and growing, but we will not be ashamed of the truth. This is an ongoing process that needs a lot of discovery and understanding. We don’t expect to always get it right. When we do get it right, we will share as much with you as we know. We leave it up to you to decide what’s right for you.

Ethical Treatment of People

We will ensure that everyone working within the supply chain is humanely and fairly treated. Everyone who is part of creating our garments is equally essential to the process and the end result.

Supporting Craftsmanship

The Mucciolo family have been Italian tailors for centuries. It is a passion of ours to keep old world techniques alive. Immigration to the US is also an integral part of our brand story. We are interested in not only traditional techniques, but how they can be continued within the NY Garment District. We would like to develop apprenticeship programs that bring old Italian techniques to young crafts people.

Utilizing technology

Our Creative Director comes from a digital background and is passionate about continuing her relationship with technology. All of the business practices will be on tech platforms, reducing the need to print on paper. We will also commit to understanding the role technology plays in forwarding sustainable practices.