The MUCCIOLO Brand continues a longstanding family tradition of tailoring, creating expertly crafted luxury garments that began in Castel San Lorenzeo, Italy several centuries ago. In the late 1800’s, we immigrated through Ellis Island and rooted ourselves in the Manhattan Garment District. To maintain impeccable quality, we source all our materials from Italy and continue to embrace classic Italian techniques. With respect to our lineage, we aim to help revitalize NYC’s Garment District by producing parts of every collection in New York City.

Our customer embraces the full spectrum of who they are with honesty and confidence. They value quality over quantity in all facets of their life. They aim for a style that will disrupt what is considered normal, so they look to us to define new classics with garments adjacent to what is expected. We design clothes for anyone who is inspired to wear them.

Our garments are not bound by fad, but convey a mood inspired by the current moment in time. Each piece takes into consideration the practical and impractical side of dressing for individualism, while being multidimensional and boldly expressive.

Mucciolo stand for things, we don’t shrivel away. We take a side; we have an opinion. We care about the world and are committed to investing in sustainable practices. We have a lot to learn and we want the customer to be informed throughout our journey of discovery.


Laurie Mucciolo is the Creative Director for MUCCIOLO. She is a two time Parsons graduate with twenty-two years of industry-leading creative direction experience and a life-long passion for luxury fashion. She spent seventeen years as an executive in the music industry working for global label giant Sony Music where she created cutting-edge digital campaigns for such mega-stars as Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Bob Dylan and many more. Honing her vision as a Digital Creative Director, included in her purview, Mucciolo oversaw the conglomerate’s digital sales platforms including the intersection of music and fashion retail with such fashion-forward artists as ASAP Rocky.

More recently, Mucciolo spent three years overseeing E-Commerce and Digital Experience for a fashion start-up that launched celebrity clothing lines before turning her attention to launch her family's namesake brand. Laurie had been designing and sewing clothes from childhood, following in the footsteps of her family of Italian tailors.